CEO Message

Honda Mardan, an emerging enterprise in premium automobile segment is positioning itself as one of the leading privately-owned 3S(Dealership) in the area. Our strengths are derived from our proven ability to leverage our most valuable assests-- Our people , technology services and our unrelenting focus on creating value for our customers.
Through a combination of enterpreneurial spirit , professional excellennce in depth understanding the auto sector in the region, We will manage to deliver best in class service to our customers by our continued focus on quality, reliability, durability and customer service.
While our constant desire to improve will change some of the things we do as a company. We will always continue to exersise ethical business practices , maintain a respect for the indiviuals and run our business in ways that earn us the trust of those whom we counter.
We believe that our products , services and the value added to our customers will remain the fundamental elements of our success.

Fazal-E-Ahad khan
President and Chief Executive Officer Honda Mardan Motors